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The policies of the Delhi Committee managers are destructive to the nation and the government: GK

New Delhi : Jago Party has started a series of meetings under the name "Sangat Milni" program. Under this series, the senior leader of Jago Party. During the "Sangat Milne" organized by Bakshish Singh at Chand Nagar, the founding president of Jago Party. Manjit Singh GK gave detailed information to the Sangat about the alleged anti-national policies of the Delhi Committee administrators. During the meeting, GK made sharp verbal attacks on the leaders of the Delhi Committee and raised a lot of questions about the aggressive behavior of the leaders of the Delhi Committee on sectarian issues.

GK expressed his anger over the increasing government interference in the Gurdwara administration and said that they kept entering our house and killing, but the Delhi Committee did not speak. Shiromani Committee and Takht Sri Hazur Sahib Management Board Act have been suspended in Haryana and Maharashtra respectively. The geographical location of the Shiromani Committee Act has been changed to Haryana Committee. Similarly, government administrators are being appointed by suspending the Hazur Sahib Act. There is also a conso to amend the Delhi Committee Act. The government is engaged in the strategy of taking away the management of Gurdwaras from the Sikhs and placing them in the hands of its agents. Punjab's share in Bhakra Dam Management Board and Chandigarh Administration has been taken away. The recent floods in Punjab are due to the anti-Punjab policies of the central government. The attitude of the Delhi Committee on the Uniform Civil Code is pro-government.

GK said that after my resignation, 10,000 children have left school now, blaming the mistakes of the Delhi Committee administrators for the economic decline of Guru Harikrishnan Public Schools. Let alone the arrears of the Sixth Pay Commission, they are now required to pay the salaries. The school staff is yet to receive 40 per cent of one year's salary during the Covid period. Apart from this, the schools currently have a monthly loss of Rs 5 crore and a liability of Rs 311 crore. During my time, we also paid salaries on time, implemented the sixth pay commission and also paid the arrears of 65 crore rupees of the sixth pay commission.

GK claimed that the justice war of 1984 is now over. We fought with passion and sent Sajjan Kumar to jail. Due to which Sajjan Kumar has been in jail for 5 years. But now we, who brought Jagdish Tytler under legal protection, have given him a way to escape. First, it could not stop Tytler from taking bail, and now Tytler has also taken the order to appear from the court through video conferencing. On this occasion, Jago Party Secretary General Dr. Parminder Pal Singh conducted the stage. Former Delhi Committee member Harjinder Singh, Jago Party leader Harvinder Singh, Paramjit Singh Makkar, Sukhman Singh, Charanpreet Singh Bhatia, Manjit Singh, Tez Pratap Singh and Okanarjot Singh Adik were present on the occasion.

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