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A false claim of Dawn news exposed over Guru Nanak Palace.

Dawn newspaper took up a story, titled 'Historical Guru Nanak palace' partially demolished by locals in Narowal, claiming that the four-floored historical building was demolished after precious stuff stolen.

However, today's close investigation into the claims has revealed that the claim made by Dawn is false and incorrect. Today investigation revealed that the place shown, as Guru Nanak Palace in the Dawn article is not called the Guru Nanak Palace. It was revealed that the building is an abandon structure, standing in a small village called 'Bhaat', about 20 km from Narowal city in Pakistan's Punjab province. The building has been there before the Indo-Pak partition and has been a living shelter to a poor family from the same village. The Dawn story claimed that the building was 'demolished' after a group of locals stole its precious doors, windows and ventilators.

However, India Today has found out that the building was not demolished. The building fell down on its own after the locals took out its doors, windows and ventilators. "The building structure was so old that it could not stand on its own, especially after the doors and other stuff was taken out. No one demolished it", confirmed a local from the village. Dawn's story also claimed that many Sikh minorities visited the building, being a historical site, during their religious visits. However, this claim also turned out to be false as local sources revealed that any Sikh community member never visited the building, not being the Guru Nanak Palace, in decades.

Evacue Trust Property Board (ETPB) and Auqaf, the two government offices responsible for the religious sites of minorities in Pakistan have also maintained that the site is not registered with any of the authorities as a religious site. It has also been learnt that the minority leader of the Sikh community have taken notice of the falsified report from Dawn, and have called in a meeting with the provincial government to discuss the false claims of the report. "Baba Guru Nanak never used to live in palaces. He was a fakir and was never needed lavish palaces to reside in", said leader of the Sikh community on the basis of anonymity. The Sikh community is seeing this as an attempt to malign or damage the Kartarpur Corridor initiative and the image of Baba Guru Nanak.

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