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Check Kesari Movie World TV Premiere (WTP) On 15th August 2019 Channel & Time Schedule

The most touchy movie of the year “Kesari” has really performed so amazingly on the box office. Undoubtedly, the way Akshay has delivered his performance on the screen is commendable. It’s just a friendly reminder for you all don’t miss this Kesari Premiere. Kesari is finally going to be premiered for the first time on television on Zee Cinema 15th August at 12 PM.

Yes! Kesari is a must-watch movie. The story, the concept, the acting, the songs, everything is so mind-blowing. The way Akshay along with those Sikhs has shown the respect and love towards the nation strikes directly at the heart of the audience. They have sacrificed their lives to protect the nation. According to Guru Gobind Singh Ji, there is a saying “One Sikh is equal to 1.25 lakh people” which shows the brave heart of the Sikhs. Kesari has shown exactly the same. It is the real story of the ancient times and portrays the way these 21 Sikhs fought against thousands of enemies.

No doubts, Sikhs are always there for the nation. Even at the time of Aurangzeb, Sikhs were there who fought so bravely without even caring about their own lives. They have something different in their blood. Kesari is the movie which really can give you goosebumps. The movie revolves around the patriotism. Kesari has that power that it can rise the inner patriot of a common man. It is really a heart touching movie. Especially, the end when those brave Sikhs successfully attained the self-satisfaction that at least they tried, they fought, and yes! they bow down the arrogance of their enemy. The movie ends up so emotionally and those vibes are not like anything.

The movie songs too are no less. Kesari’s most fabulous and popular “Teri Mitti” sung by a well-known singer, B Praak light up the patriot in you. Kesari is being premiered on the television for the very first time. Hopefully, it will be premiered on other channels too. Feedtel will keep you updated which channel, which date, and what time the next show will be premiered.

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