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Coordinates of Kartarpur Corridor Discussed by Indian and Pakistani Technical Experts

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—On March 19, the Indian and Pakistani technical experts, including engineers and surveyors, underwent a meeting at the zero point of Indo-Pak international border near Dera Baba Nanak to discuss issues related to the Kartarpur corridor, including its alignment, coordinates and other engineering aspects of the proposed crossing points. Held at 50 meters from the wire fence of Indo-Pak border, the secrecy standards of the meeting were kept so high that even the cell phones of media persons were taken into custody by the BSF cops.

As per sources, twenty officials from Pakistan arrived at 10 am in a makeshift tent. They came in six vehicles as more than 50 Rangers stood guard. The Indian Government had cleared the names of 14 officials from the Land Ports Authority of India, NHAI, BSF and the Punjab Government. Sources said among the issues discussed were the exact location of Zero Point at which roads from the Pakistan side and the Indian side will meet.

A press release by the Pakistani Foreign Ministry says that the meeting was held in a positive and constructive environment in which the duo sides jointly surveyed the coordinates of the Zero Point and discussed the technical details, including Finished Road Level and High Flood Level etc.

In this meeting, the construction of the ICP on the Indian side and alignment of gates were discussed too. Before the talks, two JCB machines were pressed into service to flatten the wheat fields to make way for the proposed ICP. The next round of talks will be held between Indian and Pakistani diplomats on April 2 at the Wagah border station.

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