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Congress' Master Move With Manmohan Singh!

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's name has been doing round in the Congress as the candidate for Amritsar's Parliamentary seat. While Singh may not have taken up any development works in Amritsar, the fact that he belongs to the Amritsar and studied there will definitely add value. Additionally, the fact that he is a prominent personality from the Sikh Community may help Congress grab a major share of votes, opines Congress leadership.

According to sources, Congress state unit in Punjab called on former Prime Minister and tried to convince him to contest from Amritsar. However, it is heard that Dr. Singh has not responded with a confirmation yet. On the other hand, BJP is now confused about its strategy as it could be a crucial vote gainer for Congress to bring Manmohan aboard.

Though the BJP has been claiming that Manmohan's candidature may not make any difference to them, Punjab Congress has already begun spreading the word of Manmohan's victory in the constituency. Many people in the state believe that his name and his work is sufficient for the people of Amritsar to vote for him. It would indeed be seen as a matter of pride to vote for him and Congress is banking on this sentiment to ensure its win there!

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